Wil Hilderbrand

As current Owner/Internationally Award Winning Artist at Impulse Ink, I am a self-taught artist that started my journey of tattooing in Powder Springs, Georgia. I started my career working in every style of tattooing then later decided to focus myself on one style to produce the best work possible. I have spent the past 3 years focusing on black and grey realism. Although, I have now branched into dedicating myself as a realism artist in black and grey as well as color. The thing that pulled me into the industry is that I love the overall art of tattooing as well as the people I am fortunate enough to meet to be able to call my clients and friends. Tattoos for a lot of people is a mile marker in their lives or getting past something they have experienced so to me it is an honor that someone trusts me with this transition stage of their lives. I have met some remarkable people and had the pleasure to leave my mark on them as they left theirs on me. I consider myself lucky to have been blessed with this talent and that drives me to work to improve it every day so that it is not wasted! Tattooing is a never ending road of knowledge so I travel the world for work so that I can learn new approaches and techniques from different cultures to bring a new spin of art back to Acworth, Georgia!